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Whatever the reason, whenever the season, we’re always filled with fun!

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“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans for the future.” Woody Allen

Atlanta Loves Our Coffee Bars, Chocolate Fountains, and Smoothie Bars!

Three distinctive services equals three new ways to have fun!
The creation of What’s In Your Cup? LLC marked a new beginning for the company that was once simply known by most as “Mocha My Day.” We believe that by creating a parent company and individualizing each of our services into distinct but not entirely separate services (we think of them as “sister services”), we can better reach those of you who haven’t yet heard about the wonderful things that we do.

What’s In Your Cup? LLC is a conglomeration of three distinct catering services.

They are:
1. Super Cool Smoothie Company
2. Mocha My Day
3. Lil Dipper Chocolate Fountains

The bottom line?
We simply want you to know we are here, and are standing at the ready to make your special event even more special. Our clients already know how great our services are, and now we hope you can too!

What’s In Your Cup LLC is here to fill your next special event with fun!
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